About Ernie


My passion for photography is genetic; my father was renowned photographer Scotty Sapiro, so I grew up in it. I spent countless hours playing in my dad’s Carnegie Hall and Seattle studios and on location with him learning to appreciate the artistry of photography while developing my eye behind the camera. I had a funny and fascinating childhood that was filled with artists of all mediums and styles.

I’m so lucky to have been able to live my love of art most of my life. I had a successful career as a musician, and I enjoyed a much less sexy, but far more financially rewarding career in the culinary world. Surprisingly it was finding beauty in food that brought me back to photography and helped me reconnect to my creativity.

I take pictures because of the rush that comes with connecting to whatever is on the opposite side of the lens. Whether it’s a model, an athlete, a dancer, a boat or a cheeseburger, my ability to connect to the subject creates the energy and atmosphere for a successful shoot. My natural sense of humor, rhythm and soul allow me to get the most from my subjects and help me capture the best of whatever I’m happily pointing my camera at.

Peace & Love